Contemporary Black authors are amending and expanding the Southern story, and news organizations should tap into their work.
Zoe McDonald
Capitol coverage, the problem with op-eds, and a defense of the Vogue cover.
The Objective
The operations manager discusses her new job and her definition of objectivity.
Siri Chilukuri
A lack of accountability for editorial staff fosters misinformation and polarization
Jacob Sutherland
Issue 15: A year in review
The Objective
Issue 14: The media reckoning that came and went, the NY Post works to destroy trust in journalism, and a shitty media man in Pittsburgh. 
The Objective
J.C. Polk and Ernesto Aguilar on the ways public media falls short of its mission.
Janelle Salanga
Imani Bashir is just one of many media workers to say something about treatment at work. Now, she's just trying to move forward.
Juwan J. Holmes
Issue 13: Media reporting and criticism need some fresh faces, Bon Appétit messes up (again), and The Federalist violated federal labor law.
The Objective
Reporting on race or gender or class or disability or sexual orientation is often a passing mention or a one-off story, not a theme that punctuates mos…
Gabe Schneider
Issue 12: The L.A. Times gives a whole page spread to Trump voters, who Substack is for, and CPJ has a union contract.
The Objective
Those who stood to lose the most from another four years of Trump went to bed Tuesday night with the false impression that he was winning.
Lauren Hakimi