Legitimizing white supremacy is another way that media exploits Black trauma
Hannah Getahun
“The goal is always going to be with the people”
Gabe Schneider
Issue 22: The reporting failures around the Capitol insurrection, The Chicago Tribune publishes a garbage opinion piece, and how female journalists bea…
The Objective
A lesson in how not to communicate with your staff
Jack Crosbie
“Every beat is the white supremacy beat.”
Janelle Salanga and Siona Peterous
Issue 21: How to support journalists after Atlanta, where Medium is headed, and why we’re leaving Substack.
The Objective
Lauren Williams and Akoto Ofori-Atta on their vision for a national network of Black community newsrooms.
Gabe Schneider
Even though several editorial boards claim to speak with authority when telling their city who to vote for, many editorial boards are homogenous.
Gabe Schneider
Issue 20: Yes, we’re still making the case for paid internships.
The Objective
For aspiring journalists from low-income backgrounds, systemic industry barriers compound from the start.
Angela Yang
Issue 19: How the Knight Foundation is spending its money, Reply All has its own fallout, and leadership shakeups all around.
The Objective
The Knight Foundation, which touches just about every area of journalism in the U.S., is negating its mission and hurting its grantees.
Simon Galperin