Issue 26: Actually, athletes don’t owe journalists anything.
The Objective
A conversation about objectivity, power, and the Beltway bubble.
Marlee Baldridge
The ouster of a young reporter for having been pro-Palestinian in college is craven, hypocritical, and outrageous.
Jack Mirkinson
Issue 25: Why is condemning violence so hard?
The Objective
Gazans are killed, buildings are destroyed, and Palestinians are injured. But who or what is behind these attacks is never immediately clear.
Fatima Bahja
Issue 24: A new executive editor at the LA Times, Gannett bashes its own data reporters, and NPR recognizes the union for the company’s digital workers…
The Objective
In solidarity reporting, the demands of justice are defined not by outside experts or people who derive their power from the “justice system," but by p…
Anita Varma
Issue 23: Why centering journalists over protestors makes no sense, how to cover the guilty verdict this week, and what tech workers at The New York Ti…
The Objective
"We’re all compromised, Debra, but some of us moved to Buttondown."
Gabe Schneider
Legitimizing white supremacy is another way that media exploits Black trauma
Hannah Getahun
“The goal is always going to be with the people”
Gabe Schneider
Issue 22: The reporting failures around the Capitol insurrection, The Chicago Tribune publishes a garbage opinion piece, and how female journalists bea…
The Objective