Issue 12: The L.A. Times gives a whole page spread to Trump voters, who Substack is for, and CPJ has a union contract.
Those who stood to lose the most from another four years of Trump went to bed Tuesday night with the false impression that he was winning.
Lauren Hakimi
Issue 11: Election night is political theatre, another white person gets a second chance, and unions keep fighting for parental leave.
The Objective
The Objective talked with the podcast's founders about their careers and the notion of “POC in Media."
Siri Chilukuri
How do some of the best opportunities for journalists fail them?
Izz Scott LaMagdeleine
Issue 10: Jeffrey Toobin is forgiven by male reporters, the SacBee wants those sweet, sweet clicks, and the Dallas News Guild wins its vote to unionize.
The Objective
The Objective talks to Michael Grant, a visual journalist, designer, and co-founder of Get Current Studio.
Janelle Salanga
Understanding that is the key to rebuilding the industry after this reckoning on race and objectivity.
Ashton Lattimore
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